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It is true; Hawaii means the ultimate vacation experience. For millions of people around the world, the Hawaiian archipelago represents the heaven on earth with its breathtaking natural surroundings and luxury resorts. Yet, there is more to Hawaii then just vacation.


Because of its geographical and natural peculiarities, the Aloha State has become an ideal destination for quality living. Many wealthy people from both sides of the Pacific choose to make Hawaii, their home. Hollywood celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Pierce Brosnan, Ben Stiller, Oprah Winfrey, and Clint Eastwood own estates in this tropic paradise.
Every island has a different personality and soul – but among the six major islands, one truly stands apart. With its cultural diversity, natural beauties and dramatic terrain, the Big Island is the epitome of a natural and luxurious lifestyle.


Its natural wonders, stunning views, and serene atmosphere make the Big Island the preferred real estate investment location of many billionaires like Michael Dell, Paul Allen, and Charles Schwab.


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  • The Island of Hawaii (the Big Island) is about 4028 square miles, with a population of around 150,000.
  • Besides being a major sports and tourism center, the Big Island serves as a connection point for the Pacific Rim countries. It is the closest island to the mainland U.S and also home to countless natural beauties. Hilo, located on the northeastern coast, is the largest city of the island.
  • Puainako Heights subdivision is located in the south-west of Hilo city-center, on Puainako Highway. Access to the site is fairly easy from every corner of the Big Island. Close to both the natural beauties and the international airport of Hilo, Puainako Heights is conveniently situated on the urban growth direction of the city.


PH Subdivision Full

Puainako Heights community will have direct access to the Puainako Extension Highway that connects Hilo with the towns of Kona and Waimea on the leeward side of the Big Island. The project site is three miles from Hilo Hospital, and ten minutes from downtown Hilo and the International Airport.

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