The Master-Plan Developer

The executive team of Puainako Heights consists of seasoned experts from various fields who bring over 60 years of collective experience in real estate development, community design, destination marketing, civil engineering, urban planning, project management and construction finance. In addition to the specialized knowledge brought by the management and board of advisors, the Puainako team also relies on its vast network of regional and international experts ranging from leading attorneys and financial consultants to architects and designers who are gifted with an understanding of what it means to live and work on the beautiful Hawaiian lands; aina.

We believe that the making of living spaces is an inter-disciplinary endeavor at the end of which the product comes to being as a representation of mastery in multiple fields of arts and science. In line with this principle, our managing team pursues a mission to serve the nature and the people of Hawai’i by conducting a multi-faceted development program that involves the transformation of a subdivision plan into a comfort-oriented and environment-conscious neighborhood where future generations would enjoy the many benefits of living a healthy life on the land they proudly own and call home.

MDeveloper Contributions

In addition to the acquisition of approximately 160 acres in one of the fastest growing districts in the State of Hawaii, PHLI also provides community design, landscape architecture and infrastructure for the entire subdivision site.

The land development program involves the shovel-ready preparation of 318 single-family home-sites, the horizontal development of the 19-unit condominium site, preliminary landscaping, site infrastructure development, (including power, water and communications) roads and sidewalks, curb and gutter, and storm-water drainage.


Executive Team

To this day, the management team of Puainako Heights has completed 6,000 multi-family units, over 750 single-family homes, 10 multiplex theaters, 12 hotels, 4 assisted- living facilities, 2 master-planned community designs, and over 150,000 sq. ft. of designed-and-built medical space. The total project value of the residential, commercial, retail and master- planned community developments that they have completed to this day is over $2 Billion USD.

Alp Atabay

Alpie Atabay, PhD

Co-Founder & Program Director – Puainako Heights

President – Puainako Heights Land Company, Inc.

Managing Partner – Admiral Realty Capital

Jerry Chang

Jerry Chang

Founder & VP of Government Affairs – Puainako Heights

President – Puainako Heights Owners Association, Inc.

President, CEO – Aloha Island Realty, Inc.