Puainako Heights Subdivision 


Puainako Heights is a residential subdivision located on a total of 158.964 acres of land in Kukuau 2nd, District of South Hilo, Island and County of Hawaii, in the State of Hawaii designated as TMKs: (3)2-5-046:001, 015 through 017; 2-5-049:057 to 077; 2-5-050:069 through 084; and 2-5-051:056 to 073. The project will be developed in seven phases and include 337 residential lots. 318 of these are single family home lots while the remaining 19 lots constitute the town-home condominium site positioned within Phase 4.

[Hawaii Subdivision Registration # S-1203, CFPB Subdivision Registration No. 40012]

[Hawaii Tax Map Keys: (3)2-5-046:001, 015 through 017; 2-5-049:057 to 077; 2-5-050:069 through 084; and 2-5-051:056 to 073]

[Zoning RS-7.5 and RM-4].


The Master-Developer

Puainako Heights Land Investment, LLC is the owner, subdivider and master-developer of the Puainako Heights subdivision.

The executive team of PHLI consists of seasoned experts from various fields who bring over a half-a-century of collective experience in real estate development, civil engineering, urban planning, project management and construction finance. In addition to the specialized knowledge brought by the management and board of advisors, PHLI also relies on its vast network of regional as well as international experts ranging from leading attorneys and financial consultants to architects and designers who are gifted with an understanding of what it means to live and work on the beautiful land of Hawai’i: ‘aina.

We believe that the establishment of living spaces is an inter-disciplinary endeavor, at the end of which the product comes to being as a representation of mastery in multiple fields of arts and science. In line with this principle, our managing team pursues a mission to serve the nature and the people of Hawaii by conducting a multi-faceted development program that involves the transformation of a subdivision into a comfort-oriented and environment-conscious community, the residents of which would enjoy the many benefits of a healthy life and a profitable landed property ownership.


MDeveloper Contributions

In addition to the acquisition of approximately 160 acres in one of the fastest growing districts in the State of Hawaii, PHLI also provides community design, landscape architecture and infrastructure for the entire subdivision site.

The land development program involves the shovel-ready preparation of 318 single-family home-sites, the horizontal development of the 19-unit condominium site, preliminary landscaping, site infrastructure development, (including power, water and communications) roads and sidewalks, curb and gutter, and storm-water drainage.





Robert SiteRobert Megna – Program Director

President, Puainako Heights Land Company, Inc.

President, True North Projects, LLC



Robert Megna, B. Build. (UNSW), MRED (USC), MAIB, CCM has over 35 years of construction project management experience at all levels of the management spectrum with an emphasis on residential multi-family urban infill, mixed use residential, retail as well as senior housing projects. He has a distinguished record of success for the delivery of new and re-development projects including acquisition assistance, entitlements, design development, design documentation, construction, and handover to owners. Over the years he has managed numerous projects including all phases of the design and construction process from feasibility, design, planning, budget and scheduling monitoring/adjustment, contract development, contract administration, and project reporting protocols.


Robert has a “hands-on” approach when managing projects including the preparation of company policies & procedures, standards and best practices of construction, administration processes, property condition surveys, due diligence, claims evaluation, and disruption planning. His leadership skills include assembling and managing design consultants, design/build GMP or multi prime contractors, project coordinators, facility and administration teams. He is responsible from the inception of a project, to relations with architects, engineers, and other consultants and managing construction teams on site.

As a seasoned professional who holds primary residence in Sydney, Australia while having dedicated more than half of his career to projects located in the states of California and Hawaii, he is bringing not only proficiency and expertise in multiple facets of project management but also an unparalleled conception of handling business in the interconnected Pacific world.



Jerry SiteJerry L. Chang – Principal Advisor

President, Puainako Heights Owner’s Association, Inc.

President, Aloha Island Realty, Inc.



As a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Jerry brings over 30 years’ experience in real estate. In addition, he also brings decades of legislative and governmental experience to our team as one of the longest serving State Representatives in the State of Hawai’i. As a statesman he has worked in key developmental areas such as Energy & Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Economy, Business Administration and Higher Education since 1989. As an administrative consultant, he has played a major role in the collegiate establishment on the Big Island while serving as the Director of University Relations at the University of Hawai’i, Hilo.

Jerry holds memberships at countless organizations such as Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, Hawaii Island Board of Realtors (Past President), Big Island Business Council (Past Director), and Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council (Director). Besides being the lead consultant and the local representative of our project, Jerry is also responsible for the management of the home owners association of our community as the president of Puainako Heights Owners Association, Inc.



Land Value

Investment in developable land in Hawaii also holds an immense potential due to the regulations of the Hawaiian Government. The land use division of the State of Hawaii allows only 5% of the islands’ lands to be open for development. The limited space makes it very difficult to acquire and entitle land, while increasing the value of approved sites for residential and commercial construction.

The 4,000 square mile Island of Hawaii is severely constrained by water supply which comes from rainfall on the local mountain ranges. Water supply is extremely limited and permits for access to  the public water system is difficult and costly. However, the Sponsor has paid $1,185,000 up front for water meters and access to the public water system for the subdivision. Residential single-family development is further constrained by the availability of fee simple land with water.

50% of the island is uninhabitable, 25% is owned in native public land trusts and 25% is fee simple of which most of the buildable land with water supply has been absorbed. Puainako Heights is the only large scale residential project with water available in the Hilo submarket. In addition; any development projects are rigorously fought by local and stateside environmental groups which makes subdivision approval very lengthy and costly.


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